Friday, 21 December 2007

Back to work................

I spent an hour in work today with my fantastic colleagues and it was so nice to feel back to a little bit of normality, although I am absolutely shattered tonight. I don't know if I am ever going to feel okay again and it really is a depressing thought, but I guess there are peeps a lot worse of than me. At least I have my family. I have made a card tonight that could be used for a wedding or maybe a prom or girlie event which I will photograph and post tomorrow - It was really nice to actually make something other than a Christmas card!! I have got most of my present wrapping done today as well thanks to my eldest son, Elliot, who has helped enormously.

One of my projects for the new year (and probably the next few new years thinking of the state of my loft) is to declutter my house. A friend of mine over on Auntys forum has been giving me some advice on Feng Shui so I am hoping that if I try some of those tips it might help me to sort out some of the problem areas of my life.

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